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What is Tellington TTouch?

Tellington TTouch is applicable to dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and other companion animals. TTouch is a gentle method of training that provides solid, practical solutions for challenges common among dogs, cats and other animals. This innovative approach focuses on working in partnership with the animal, using respect and understanding instead of dominance and control.

Tellington RTouch is used by groomers, veterinarians, zoo keepers, trainers, wildlife rehabilitators and personnel in animal shelters. Linda Tellington-Jones and her practitioners are in demand around the world to teach the TT.E.A.M. approach to human-animal relationships. TTouch is now used by tens of thousands of pet owners, trainers, wildlife rehabilitators and personnel in animal shelters and veterinary clinics in more than 32 countries.

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Karen Thurlow-Kimball
Certified TTouch Practitioner

Discover the Tellington Touch and change your relationship with animals forever!

To find a practioner near you: Tellington TTouch

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